The strength of the team


and the strength of the individual


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At MTP we source, build and supply dedicated teams, parachuting the required technical experts seamlessly into your organisation, delivering the expertise you need to drive success.


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Technical Matching

Unlock the perfect talent for your projects through our meticulous talent matching process. We understand your needs to source and provide precisely the right resources for seamless project execution.

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Human Resource (HR)

Experience hassle free team management with our full-service HR support. Our dedicated team handles legal documents, administration, payroll, recruitment, and HR tasks, allowing you to focus on your core business

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Technical Recruitment

Our dedicated technical recruitment team leverages extensive industry relationships to source skilled talent across various technology domains and programming languages. Candidates undergo a thorough vetting process to ensure a precise match

MTP’s technical recruitment team have established, and are continuously building, relationships with best-in-class talent across the full universe of technology domains and programming languages. ​

Build your team

1. What skills are you looking for?

2. For how long do you need the team?