We offer an innovative range of digital services, tools, and solutions to support our clients and partners with development of new digital infrastructure and the upgrade of existing systems.

Through our portfolio of services, we can take your project from concept through to delivery and beyond.

What We Do

Infrastructure Analysis

Analysis of existing digital infrastructure including review of operating processes and engagement with existing systems.

Systems Integration

Research and testing of APIs to understand the proposed behaviour of systems and data sources ahead of integration.

Data Management

Efficient and optimized strategies for collection, storage, and management of your business data, with consideration of compliance and privacy regulations.

Solutions Architecture

Work collaboratively with our experienced solutions architects to design and engineer detailed technical plans and wireframes for your digital project. Including upgrades and further integrations of existing platforms.


Estimation of costs and resources required to develop, host, service, maintain and secure future digital infrastructure. Includes upgrades and further integrations of existing platforms.

Cyber Security

In partnership with Propelex, we architect and deliver solutions to mitigate key business risks and safeguard your most important assets with the latest technology, privacy and compliance requirements.

Concept Development

Develop your business concept, understand your market and research competition with support from our team of commercial analysts to identify key trends and opportunities.

Financial Modelling

Build detailed and robust financial models, business plans, and route to market strategies, supported by real time market data, in collaboration with our investment analysts, to stand up to rigorous scrutiny by investors.

Fund Raising

We can lead or support your fundraising activities, leveraging our global network of investors, comprising angels and family offices as well as venture capital and private equity investors from across the world.


Access our extensive network of commercial and technical experts as well as veterans from a broad range of industries to the benefit of your business for specific strategic purposes.

Business Strategy

Strategic guidance and commercial advisory services including route to market, customer acquisition, and digital marketing strategies.


Partner with us to support the strategic, technical and commercial activities of your digital business.

Web & Mobile Applications

Development of web and mobile applications, including for Android, iOS and hybrid operating solutions.

Middle Tier & Back End Systems

Experts in the delivery of custom mid-tier and back-end software’s that enable firms to operate engage seamlessly in the digital environment.

API Integration

Our specialist API team focusses exclusively on the integration of, and interactions between, multiple software intermediaries.


Access our world class network of branding, graphic and UX design partners to bring your digital vision to life.

Service, Maintenance & Upgrades

Bespoke solutions for hosting, servicing, maintenance, security and functional upgrades of your digital infrastructure.

IT Support

Trained line support engineers dedicated to ensuring your customers have an efficient and effective experience, focused on product and services.

How We Work

Understanding Needs

We adopt a consultative approach ensuring all stakeholders and participants share a clearly communicated vision in order to deliver an effective digital solution that directly reflects corporate requirements.

Continuous Communication

Our ambition is that our clients understand the technologies we build with them intimately enough to manage them without the need of further external consultation. Naturally, we remain at your disposal post completion to handle updates, maintenance and servicing as required.

Partnership Approach

We collaborate closely with our clients, to gain a detailed understanding of their commercial and operational objectives for a project, ensuring we deliver digital products that precisely reflect their vision. We communicate clearly and transparently throughout the project lifecycle, aiming to bridge the divide between the worlds of business and technology.